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Mohammad Kashtiaray

Jewelry was established in Tehran Bazar, in 1980, with the aim of production and distribution of jewelry. The major clients of this complex were shopkeepers and jewelry stores from all over of Iran. The head office is located at Tehran Bazar, a place that play an important role in Iran gold and jewelry industry, in determination the price and product activities. After termination of Iran-Iraq War and simultaneously with prosperity and growth of population, Mohammad Kashtiaray Jewelry was changed to the biggest wholesale jewelry store in Iran and it was conducted to retail store from 1991 and officially entered to jewelry retail sellers of Bazar in 2000. Entering into space of luxury clients and achieving people's trust was the ten-year-goal of this complex in the above-mentioned year. The logo of Kashtiaray Group during the said years is as follow: Mohammad Kashtiaray, Manager of Kashtiaray Group, was elected as a Vice-Chairman of the Tehran Gold and Jewelry Guild Union in 2001.